The undiscriminating diseases

AIDS and HIV do not show any mercy...

HIV and AIDS, which are respectively, a virus and a syndrome, are two ravaging diseases that do not differenciate childs from adults. Due to that, AIDS ''kills'' a lot of children every year. The sickness is even more present in underdevelopped country such as Zambia, Kenya and Uganda. The U5RM (Under 5 Mortality Rates) designate HIV and AIDS as one of the major actor in the raising of this statistic. In 1997, in Zimbabwe, 46,9 children on 1000 died of AIDS and/or HIV under the age of five. Since this viral virus never stopped growing, you can imagine how high this number is today. The most recent data shows that the number of children dying from these two diseases is 77/1000 before the age of five. Which is horrifying. Even tho the number of adults infected seems to gain stability over the years, the number of children's death still increases. Yes, U5MR is going down, but the U5MR for AIDS and HIV is increasing. People all around the world should start donating and helping those countries. Not by necessarily donating money, for example: you can give some of your time to the cause. A lot of people doesn't look concerned by this epidemic virus because they are not directly affected by it, either physically or emotionnaly. The countries that can actually bring a real help to the cause are not affected a lot by the diseases. Which is nice for us, but it makes the people less receptive to the idea of helping for the greater good. Treatments exists. People with money can live with HIV and AIDS without a problem! But it costs a lot. Talk to someone whose child is affected by this virus and you'll see how willing they are to help other people living with the same handicap. People should start showing compassion, showing mercy to those children in underdevelopped countries. Because HIV and AIDS shows none...


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