Famous Cowboys

Luke Short

He was born in 1854 in Mississippi and died September 8, 1983 in Kansas.

Luke was an American Old west gunfighter, farmer,cowboy, gambler,and many more things. He was the fifth child out of ten and he was never married. On his reputation he was seeing as violent and he wasn't good.  He owned his own Saloon business and he died from congestive heart failure. He bought a deck of cards  before leaving town and lands as a dealer. Before he was a cow boy he started out as a trader for Sioux Indians.

Five Facts

1. He loved to gamble

2.In 1881, he killed Charlie storms during a fight in the Saloon.

3. He killed several Native Americans in his teen years.

4. In 1887, He killed Jim Courtright in a gun fight.

5.killed a total of 14 men

King Fisher

He was also known as John King Fisher. He was born in 1854 and died March, 1884 in San Antonio, TX. He had a wife name Sarah and they had four daughters. He was arrested for being accused on stealing a horse after borrowing it without asking.  He was a lawman, outlaw,and a gun slinger. He was well known for mostly being a gang leader and an outlaw because he stayed into trouble. He was shot on a  balcony .


  1. He spent 4 months in prison
  2. he ran away to Golliad ,Texas
  3. Moved to Florence,Williamson
  4. Killed many Mexican rustlers
  5. He traded stolen Mexican cattles for stolen Texas cattles

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