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Aurasma - What is it?

Augmented Reality
Share digital content
Embed in everyday objects

Difference Between QR Codes and Auras

  • Objects can be used as targets
  • Placement - QR codes limited to where you can place them - Auras are limited to your imagination
  • Interact with reality vs. just linking information
  • QR codes have no identifiers as to content
  • Auras amaze


  • Target - image, item, or other that you want to embed media on
  • Overlay - media that is seen when viewing the target in Aurasma
  • Aura - combination of target and overlay - the experience of Aurasma

Aurasma Classroom Examples

  • Parent Night examples
  • Math Challenges
  • Kindergarten Classes Raising Baby Chicks
  • Reimagine Learning (District initiative)
  • Art Show Flyer
  • Art Show Pieces with Artist speaking
  • Book Trailers

Ideas for Use

  • Book Trailers in library
  • Embed supplemental student materials by creating targets on the images in textbooks.
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? - video various locations around the area/state/U.S./World that are clues for students to guess the location
  • Tutorial Videos - create flipped-typed videos on content.
  • Word Wall - Vocabulary activities - create videos that give a brief example of using the word in context
  • Spanish Vocab - create videos of what words mean or have pictures and the videos say the word
  • Professional Development - use posters to advertise sessions, tell a little about what the session will cover
  • Lanuguage tags for early readers or ESL and bilingual students
  • Link to revision notes, articles, videos
  • Create AR scavenger hunts
  • Tag equipment in your technology lab with virtual manuals
  • Tour of the school for directions to classrooms or as a tour for parents or new students.
  • Montage of high school athletic pictures linked to the athletics logo or stadium picture
  • Bulletin Boards- interactive content on any subject
  • Learning Centers/Stations - add additional content
  • Scavenger Hunt (like a Math Trail)
  • Create excitement with clues to an upcoming topic of study

Which Aurasma Do I Need?

Three Types of Aurasma Accounts:

  • Device Account - use/scan/create Auras from your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device. WHY? - create and share auras from anywhere.
  • Partner Account - Sign up with the company (FREE) to use the Aurasma Studio software. WHY? - easier for those that prefer to work on a computer.
  • Super Auras - view corporate auras with your device. You do not need to subscribe to a channel to view super auras. WHY? - used for advertisement purposes.

How Do I View Someone Else's Auras (except SUper Auras)?

  1. Download "Aurasma" from iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Select "A" in the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the magnifying glass in the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Search for your friend's channel and click "follow."
  6. Select the "Screen Capture" icon (bottom middle of screen - directly right of search).
  7. Point at targets and enjoy content.

How Do I Create an Aura Using the Device Account?

  1. Open the Aurasma app.
  2. Select the "A" in the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the "+" icon.
  4. Either select one of the overlays in the app library, or select "Device" to take your own picture, use one from your photos, or use media from "blinxx."
  5. Once you have selected your overlay, you will need to create a target image. Either take a picture of your target using the camera it provides by selecting the purple camera in the bottom right corner.
  6. You can reposition your overlay or zoom in or out.
  7. Select the purple arrow in the bottom right corner when you are satisfied with your aura.
  8. Give your aura a name. Choose whether you want it to be private or public and turn on "add to channel" (remember, if you do not put it on a channel, the aura will only work on the device it was created on).
  9. If you do not have a channel, you can create one by clicking the "+" sign.
  10. Select "Finish."
  11. Share your channel with others and provide them a target.

How do I sign up to Be an Aurasma Partner?

Follow these steps to create your own Aurasma Partner account

1. Go to

2. Select the Partners Tab

3. Apply to become an Aurasma Partner (a screen shot of the application is below)

4. You will receive an email verifying your educator partner account. This email will also supply your username and password.

How do I Create an Aura Using Aurasma Studio?

1.  Go to the site and select the Partners tab.

2.  Select Login to the Aurasma Studio.  

3.  Login with your assigned username and password.

4.  Once in the studio, create a Channel using the Channel Tab.  You will assign your channel a name, description and determine whether it will be public or private.  You can also associate an image with your channel.

5.  Create a Trigger Image.  Select the Trigger Tab, then click  + Add to upload an image to attach your video, image, or 3D model to.

6.  Create an Overlay.  An Overlay is the content that will initiate when the Aurasma App recognizes the Target image.  Select the Overlay Tab and + Add a video, image or 3D model as your overlay.  You will give the Overlay a name and description.

7.  Once your trigger and overlay have been uploaded into the system, you are ready to create your Aura.  Begin by selecting the trigger image you want to use.

8.  Create your Aura.  Select the Aura Tab and + Add an Aura.   In this screen you will associate all of the parts of the Aura.  Name your Aura, select the Trigger Image,  Channel, and Overlay. Finally, size your Overlay on the Target and assign any actions to the image by selecting tap or double tap with the Actions button.  When tapped the Aura can access a URL and when double tapped it can become full screen.

9.  In order for anyone to see your auras on a device, they must first subscribe to the channel you created in step 4.

Important Things to Remember

  • Aurasma is a free download from iTunes or Google Play.
  • In order to see your auras, people must subscribe to the channel where you have the aura and have access to your target.
  • When making an aura, you have to upload your target and your overlay before creating the aura.
  • You can allow people to walk away from your target and continue watching your video by double tapping on their screen OR visit a website or view a document by single tapping (these must be set up when you create your auras).
  • You can set up auras to be viewed for a certain amount of time or only on certain days (helpful in setting up stations in classrooms)
  • Auras are only limited by your imagination.

Resources for Additional Ideas

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