What's my interpretation of the documentary? What is the fast food industry in Australia compared to America?

G day mates! After watching the documentary Super Size Me, I have a lot to talk about. But first, I want to talk about my opinion on what I learnt during the documentary. And secondly, I am going to talk about the fast food here compared to America. Take note! (The following things that you going to be reading are based on my interpretation of the documentary)

I actually find it very interesting that you don’t know what you are actually taking into your body, until you actually look even further into what you are eating at a fast food restaurant. And you may not realise that you could be eating a tone of sugar in one burger. It’s hard to believe that most people don’t realise that some fast foods have a lot of sugar in it, and also ingredients that make people fat, and people don’t really care about what they eat, as long as it’s delicious. That’s what matters to them. It’s surprising that most of the McDonalds in America don’t have any Health charts, as seen in the documentary. This shows that most people in America don’t have the time to see how many calories, Kilojoules, or sugars that are within the food that they eat.

When Morgan Spurlock (The director of Super-Size Me) participated in the experiment of eating nothing but McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for snack for 30 days, we learn that if he eats only nothing but McDonalds, we see in him that he starts to get sick, depressed, and also gaining body fat. He teaches us that eating fast food constantly would put your life to risk and danger, because eating fast food constantly is basically killing yourself slowly.

Now taking those things into my perspective. The fast food chains here down under compared to America, I think in my personal experience, I think it’s not as bad due to fact that the fast food in Australia is very careful with their food servings. They are good enough to add recommended servings on their food so that people here are careful of that they eat. The fast food chains in America compared to here are actually very similar. We have McDonalds, or as we like to call “Maccas”, KFC, Pizza Hut, and many more. Australia has been very careful with the servings of the food compared to America. But still, Australia still needs to be careful with regards to food intake, and also watching out for obesity.

Australia in fact is close to be ranked as the fattest country in the world. Now…Obesity is not just been influenced by not only food, but also Alcohol, and smoking. This will lead them to not just obesity, but also to the end of their lives. Now I am quite aware that Australia also has Fitness Programs to reduce Obesity, but most people here are very Obese simply because some people don’t have the time and effort to exercise. Although, Australia had recently advertise very convincing advertisements to help people to get their butt up and work out and to get fit, and also to stop smoking. But it’s not enough in my opinion.I think the Australian Government should step up their game and really convince the people here to be fit, and less eating of fast food. The Government should consider of adding healthier choices of meals at restaurants, and also convincing them to eat it.

What about you? What would you do to help our/your country to reduce and to stop obesity?

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