Author's Purpose

Before writing, an author decides on a reason for writing. This reason is the author's purpose.


Writing which tries to convince readers or listeners to do something, buy something, believe something or think about something differently.


  • Commercials, Advertisement, Billboards
  • Opinions, Debates, Newspaper Editorials
  • Reviews
  • Elections, Political Ads

What To Look For (Characteristics)

  • I think that...        or      I think you would like...
  • You should try...   or      You should consider...
  • I encourage you...
  • ...would be better if you...
  • ...a better way to...


Writing that which usually teaches readers about a real person, place, thing, idea or event.


  • Documentaries/Biographies
  • Non-Fiction
  • History/Science
  • News Articles
  • Cookbooks/Food Labels
  • Tutorials

WHAT TO LOOK FOR (Characteristics)

  • Did you know...
  • Here are some facts about...
  • Charts, Diagrams, Maps, Timelines
  • Explanations of how things happen or work
  • Explanations of why things happen


Writing which readers may find engaging, funny or sad.


  • Fairy Tales/Folktales/Fables
  • Poetry
  • Mysteries/Sci-Fi
  • Comics
  • Plays

WHAT TO LOOK FOR (Characteristics)

  • Humor, anger, sadness, frustration
  • Characters personal experiences
  • Emotional moments
  • Elements of fantasy


Writing which explains how to do something.


  • Assembly instructions
  • Automobile manuals
  • Contracts/Rental Agreements
  • "________ for Dummies" books

WHAT TO LOOK FOR (Characteristics)

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Lists of materials
  • Command or caution words
  • Hints/Tips/FAQ