Autobiography of an ex-colored man
By James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson, Photograph, Wikipedia

        Think of a public area and all the attention is turned towards one singular person, you. Attention is on you not because of what you did, what you chose to do or how you dressed, instead the attention is turned at you because your skin color looks different from the people around you. The man who wrote this book decided to write about his and his colleagues experiences dealing with being black in a white community. He dealt with this by acting like the people around him and blending with other African-American people.


"Autobiography of an ex-colored man cover" Photo. A Morose Bookshelf. Wordpress, 2015. Web. 5/26/2015. <>

My Reaction

        I enjoyed this book because it show some of the struggles that African-American people such as myself go through everyday. I felt that this book properly portrayed all of African-American struggles such as being judged by something that you have no control over. When people are judged by the color of their skin they are being unfairly treated because changing the amount of melanin in someone skin based of where their ancestors were from.


“In the life of everyone there is a limited number of experiences which are not written upon the memory, but stamped there with a die; and in the long years after, they can be called up in detail, and every emotion that was stirred by them can be lived through anew; these are the tragedies of life.” -James Weldon Johnson


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