Google Cardboard/VR

What is a virtual reality? An artificial environment.

How does it work? Our phones do most of the work comes from the phone but, the magnet on the side is in place for the button on the phone you can play different games and go to different places.

What actually activates it? The phone is a very powerful device, it pretty much does all the work. But, the magnet on the side is also a big part of google cardboard it is a replacement for the button. Inside the goggles there is a piece of cardboard in the screen to seperate the screen into two screens, which makes the screen look 3D. The lenses make the screen look very big (45mm diameter) which seems small but, makes the screen on your phone huge. The normal size of a set is 8.75in wide by 22in long put together it's 22cm wide by 56cm long, pretty small but a smaller size than an octulus rift. On top of everything there is velcro to keep your phone in and tight, just take good care of it so it won't get ripped!! (that happens a lot).

Why does it work? All the equipment inside of the cardboard make the screen look 3D so it makes it look like you actually there.

Technical Terms!!!!

Sterioscopic-relating to or denoting a process by which two photographs of the same object taken at slightly different angles, viewed together.

Schematics-a diagram in particular of an electric or electronic circut.

Head Tracking-can see where ever you move your head, the reason it makes you sick is when the image catches up to you sometimes your not expecting to see that and it makes you sick!!

Eyepieces-to look like the image is 3D.

Split system-to have a 3D look, for each eye.

Intro Research

I looked at Mr. Ternets google cardboard and explored in the different settings.

Watched videos on how they first created it.

Looked up information on why they wanted to make it out of cardboard.

Saw how to make your own program/game.

Further Introduction Research

I watched even more videos but, this time on how you make it and how its different from an octulus rift.

Went on amazon to find out how much cheaper it was than any other virtual reality models.


1st Entry. Today I learned that different apps do different things. Like if you use google earth its way more realistic, but if you get a different app it looks more like a cartoon.

2nd entry. Today I learned that if you need to get to the home screen or start over you can tilt the screen or put it on a surface.

3rd entry. Today I learned that if you go onto google earth you cannot use the street view unless you have a 5 inch screen.

4th entry. Today I learned that there are two seperate screens to make one screen.

5th entry. Today I learned that when putting your phone in the cardboard you have to take off the case.

6th entry. Today I learned that if you change the screen/picture you have to go to the home screen first then get on the next section.

7th entry. My one question is why does the magnet work as the button? This works because on the inside there is another magnet and our phone is touching that, so it can control the phone in a way.

8th entry. Why does it have velcro? Well, it's pretty simple, it's to keep our phone from falling out of the headpiece.

9th entry. What are the different parts of the headgear/google cardboard? First you have the piece of cardboard itself, which is just supposed to hold your phone so it does not fall out. Next are the lenses, which makes the screen look 3D. Then the magnet on the side of the headgear/google cardboard which acts as a button. Lastly the piece of cardboard that seperates the phone into two screens.

10th entry. What kind of apps can you get? Well, if you go to the app store and type in virtual reality/google cardboard there are thousands of apps to choose from!

11th entry. How do you program? Programming (or making your own game) is very fun, but it does take a little time and effort. To program you either can go to a programming website or go onto the google cardboard website and see how to program games by yourself, if you do want to make your own game and transfer it to your phone scratch is a great website to make your games!

12th entry. What happens if you have a smaller glass lens size? If you have a smaller glass lens size it will make the image/moving picture look larger, and most likely will mess up the image.

13th entry. Can you watch youtube? Yep, but you do have to get the google cardboard youtube app.

14th entry. Is it possible to make your own games? Yes you can go to the google cardboard website and it tells you how to make your own game for your virtual reality on google cardboard. There are a lot of steps for making a program but, the best thing for you to do is go to google and search how to make a virtual reality, then click videos, after that just pick a video you want and watch!!

15th entry. Can you use your headphones? Of course, wherever you plug your headphones in that's where you put them!

16th entry. What other things can you do? Well, you can play games watch movies and all that fun stuff.

17th entry. Why is so important to make the piece of cardboard to seperate the screen? You have to have an individual screen for each of your eyes, so if you need to take it out you can but it will mess up the 3D effect.

18th entry. How much does it cost? Not that much considering it's made out of cardboard and a phone (which most of the population has). The normal price for one is $4.10, which is super cheap, a lot of online stores have it like Amazon.

19th entry. What will I do next? I will most defenitely be looking at all apps to review them, and to see if they are good graphics and stuff like that!

More Information

It was hard for me to get the magnet on the side to work, and when I flipped it seemed to kind of glitch.

Make sure to position your phone in the correct way or it will not work!

The cardboard piece in the center only works on a google cardboard/virtual reality app!

If you do not want to hold the headpiece up make sure to add a strap/headphone.

Do not let any animal with teeth get to the headpiece, it will be destroyed since it's cardboard.

Put velcro on so you can keep your phone in a nice, sturdy, place.

DO NOT forget to follow directions if you get the set, super important!!

Make sure you have the correct phone size for this!

ALWAYS make sure to add velcro, so your phone doesn't slide!

New questions and Information!

Why is there a piece of cardboard to split the screen? This is because when the screen is split it has a miniture television for one of your two eyes which makes the program look 3D.

Why is there not a headband so you do not have to hold it? You can add one it would be a bit easier, but it is also easy to hold arm up for a couple seconds!!

Why do people say octulus rift is so much better? This is because it has phome instead of cardboard and has a more realistic effect on the screen, but google cardboard is a lot cheaper and the graphics are technically better.

Why does it only work on phones, can it work on ipads? The reason is because they have not come out with a larger head set otherwise you could use a larger device.

What happens if it gets wet? When it gets wet, since it is cardboard it will get soaked! But, if you let it dry out it should be fine cause there is no wires, and electronical things like that.

How do you get your phone to stat and not slip out? There is a little flap that you can rest your phone in.

Do you have to use cardboard to make a virtual reality? No, but it is a lot easier and simpler than buying a large metal headpiece that is uncomfortable.

Next I'm going to figure out how to program a game and how to watch a movie on a non-3D screen.

How do you know if it's 3D or not? There is going to be a division of the screen and it is going to look kind of fuzzy/boxy but,when you put the goggles on it looks normal!

What supplies do you need to make your own? Not many which is great it doesn't cost a lot of money either! But you need cardboard, scissors, glass lenses, velcro, double stick tape, headband if wanted, and a phone if you don't have a phone borrow one and your world will change right before your eyes!

Is making your own game difficult? In my opinion yes, it is difficult because there are so many steps to making of the game that is why I didn't make a program for this project.

Google Cardboard Video

Listen to paragraphRecentely, Google had a I/O conference, and it talks about how many new upgrades they have like it now works for android and apple phones! Also, instead of the magnet on the side it is now an actual button! There are so many other new, fun upgrades that you will LOVE!!

Last Entry!!!

I learned so many things from doing this project. Like....

* You can see different worlds, without going actually going there

* Our phones are very powerful devices

* Cardboard can change the way we see the world

* There are endless possibilities to technology in the future

I do love this subject, but I would not want to pursue it because it's not something I'm into at the moment I may want to when I'm older but now I wouldn't see myself doing this.

I would have liked to do a Rube Goldeberg Machine, I think they are really neat and you can see how much can happen in a couple of seconds!! I did really enjoy google cardboard, it was really amazing how cardboard can do such awesome things, you can actually see a whole city and think your actually there!!!

This school year has been the best, and stem was so fun, I love doing different projects to explore and see what I like and don't like (CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!)    

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