Feudalism in japan

Feudalism is the way Japan set up the power of the government. Feudalism started because the government was weak due to the daimyo's want of power. People who wanted to win the aid of a more powerful lord joined the military and gave their loyalty to the lord in  return they gave land.  One art form was a Samurai Sword and it help give them protection. A second art form is the Japanese Castle, the castles were used  as a retreat in a war. The castles held stores of food and weapons in case of a long battle and was to show the daimyo's wealth and power. The third art form was A Noble's household, it was a fan-shaped illustration of the servants doing daily work. This showed how powerful the nobles were. The social structure in Japan started with the emperor which had little real power but they were the ruler. The next level was the shogun and daimyo they were the largest landholders, the shogun was the most important and was the actual ruler. The next step down was the peasants and artisans they were the largest class and produced the goods. The last class was the merchants who contributed to the society.      

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