The Proposal

So Nate tells me that we need to go to campus the next day to talk to Cpt. Rose after he gets out of a class.  I ask him why we can't just call him and he says that we just have to go. Weird.  I'm suspicious.  I go running with my friend Allison (who can't keep a secret to save her life.  (No Allison, you can't(Still love you))) and I was telling her that I thought Nate was going to propose the next day.  She's excited but at the end of the run she looks me dead in the eye and say "Well, if it isn't tomorrow, don't be disappointed."  And at that point I was convinced that I was wrong.    

So we park down at the stadium and walk to the Oval.  We're sitting on a bench between Mendenhall and Orton hall and Nate keeps texting Sean to find out why he's running late to our meeting.  I whip out my phone to play Jetpack Joyride and Nate looks over at me and says "Oh, you're going to do that in a time like this?"  "At time like this?...   What else are we doing?"  I asked.  Nate looks really confused.  "Are we people watching" I continued. He agrees (even though the people are all walking away from us and are on the complete other side of the Oval). Nate then awkwardly puts his arm around me like a middle-schooler on a first date and I'm pretty sure I know what's coming.   

What I don't know is that Zeb and Sean are being secret squirrels and sneaking up on us.  

By this time it's 4 o'clock and the chimes in Orton start playing.  I turned to ask Nate if he knew when they played "Carmen Ohio" and as I finished it started playing.  We sing "Carmen Ohio" and after it finished Nate took my hands, got down on one knee and proposed.  After seeing the ring how could I not say yes?

Before you ask, Nate forgot he was wearing sunglasses when he proposed.

Nate made a few calls through his band contacts and was able to get them to play "Carmen Ohio" for us.  Normally it is all electronically done, but for this the man who played it everyday from 1986 to 1999 came in and played it by hand.  

Then Zeb and Sean come out of hiding.  Sean had been videotaping the entire thing and Zeb had been taking these awesome photos.  

Nate asked Sean to be his best man.  And then we went down to Mirror Lake to take some pictures.  

After that we went back to Orton Hall.

And then to Thompson before I couldn't take it any more and had to call my parents (and everyone else in the world for that matter).


Coming January of 2015 in Columbus