Importance of the moon

Clay newman

Interesting things about the moon

The moon is such an amazon thing, it causes us to have light at night.

The moon causes our tides and what kind they are. The tides that occur at the ocean are caused by the moons gravity pull. Which causes a high tide and a low tide. Two of the tides everybody knows about and is so common are the "Neap tide and the spring tide".

The moon has some very interesting phases and I bet you know at least one of them, the New Moon. The sun causes the phases and how the moon is tilted towards it. Also because of how it revolves and rotates around earth is what causes the phases. The phase effect us by what kind it is, if its a new moon the earth will be cold, but if its a new moon we will have light at night and the earth will be warmer. And now 8 moon phases are these here.

1: New moon

2: Waxing crescent

3: First quarter

4: Waxing gibbous

5: Full moon

6: Waning gibbous

7: Third quarter

8: Waning crescent

Then probably the most popular thing that the moon does is its eclipses, the solar and lunar. Lunar is more common than a solar. But you have to were glasses when you look at it or it can damage your eyes severally!

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