They live in Africa. Most often, they can be seen in the trees and bushes covered in savannas. In North Africa lived subspecies are extinct.
   A giraffe is the tallest land-based animal. Their neck is 2 meters tall. Their head is little. Eyes are big with long lashes. Skin is yellow with brown spots. Each giraffe has a different pattern of skin. Weight is to 900 kg.
    A giraffe eats shoots of trees and bushes. Ther favorite food is acacia leaves. These leaves are very succulent and contain a lot of water, which allows the giraffes for a long time be without drinking.
  Giraffe is a sociable and friendly, who lives in flocks. Life expectancy of a giraffe is 20 to 25 years. A giraffe sleeps standing up to 2 hours a day.


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