Danielle Leimomi Olenak's Story

Student. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Teammate. Dog Lover. Adventure Enthusiast.

"If everyone were to look for uniqueness, we would have a very colorful world."

Positivity, compassion, and sincerity are three values I try to embody the most. I attempt to emulate my mother's optimism and my father's loyalty and kindness. My sister reminds me to have fun, live my life, and to not be afraid to be open.

I am influenced by a mixture of cultures. On one side I am surrounded by a strict, Roman Catholic, identity which plays a large role in everyday life. On the other side I am influenced by a more laid back, Buddhist Japanese side. You can see both of these in how I view my world, but also in little things like them food we eat at Christmas dinner (a mixture of sushi and the traditional ham LOL)

My friends mean the world to me. I rely on them endlessly for support and advice, and they do them same. Whether were singing in the car or soaking in my hot tub, we always are laughing and smiling. They bring so much light and happiness into my life.

Volleyball has been a large part of my life for the past several years. I played for 7 years and have coached middle school and club teams. I'm currently playing on a team for fun. It has helped me grow as a person and is a sport I will continue to play for enjoyment.

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