Modern Uses Of Electronic Menu Boards For Intelligent Restaurateurs

It’s high time for food service establishments to upgrade those boring static signs that have been there forever. Dynamic digital menu boardshelp you to maximize your investment using a fresh, new approach. Obvious and immediate benefits are available even with the simplest applications along with increased customer engagement, revisit frequency, and revenue activation. Present promotion or menu related content using mouthwatering videos, photos, and enticing texts. Control everything from a central location, or via permission inputs at restaurants or regional levels. In the traditional scenario any changes in the menu means high logistic support and associated costs.

Now it’s possible to achieve significant cost savings with better brand communication control. Customize your messaging based upon:

• Location
• Products offered
• Customer palate
• Menu pricing
• Customer language

Nowadays, users of such electronic boards benefit from menu changes during mealtimes as well as product promotions between visit segments and major meals. This can be for example, during mid-mornings, afternoons, followed by after evening changes. Commonly, restaurant owners undertake 2-3 changes, which can go up to maximum 6-7. Other generators of revenue are party pickup, catering, or gift cards.

You can also promote your involvement in local communities by giving out information on the digital menu board that relates to sponsorships, staff acknowledgement, and local fundraising. Nowadays, you also need to display various information related to the food that you are serving, including food ingredients, associated calories, allergy and nutritional information. Display such crucial information while meeting promotional requirements of chain and related franchisees. You can modernize your restaurants and make it appealing to new age customers by switching to electronic boards.

Increase your attractiveness as a happening destination while experimenting with various ways of messaging to improve the impact upon your customers. The main aim is to maximize the promotional value of the created messages. To optimize the associated value, more and more restaurateurs are using these boards as a tool for ambience, merchandise, and promotion. As the technology inputs increase, the associated scope increases in tandem.

A combination of various components such as the flat panels, content management solution, media player, and connectivity together serve immediate needs, while remaining future proof as well. So how to get the best from these electronic boards and optimize the associated returns effectively?

1. Focus on revisits, up and cross sell: plan your strategies to maximize customer enjoyment, eating, and spending.

2. Team involvement is important: everybody related to your establishment can contribute their views and suggestions to improve returns from the digital signs. This promotes team spirit.

3. Effective use of software: Software for content management is now available in the market coming to the aid of the restaurant owners. Choose the one offering high flexibility and capabilities.

4. Consider future use: when you are investing in an el

Do not experiment when it comes to the highly beneficial digital m ectronic board make sure that it not only meets current requirements, but is future ready too. enus and come where the best options are available only at

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