China's Population in the past 8 years
How has China's population decreased in 8 years?

China's population since 2006 has increased a lot since 2006. China's population in 2006 was  1307.56 millions of people. In 2014, it was 1360.72 millions of people. But how do we find out by what percent did it increase? Well, first we subtract 1307.56 from 1360.72. Then, divide that by 1307.56. If you do the math, that means China's population has increased about 4.07% Why? Even though China's government made a law that Chinese parents can't have more than one child, a new citizen is born every day, and there were a lot of parents to start with. Here a graph that show's China's population changes compared to the US:

Still, China has the largest population in the world. The picture at the top shows a very populated city in China.

Here are my sources:

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