Sarah.lemon- digital editing

In my class we are learning how to make an online portfolio. Our online portfolio is about our school values. We were given a project to edit our photos that we chose for our value then explain what we changed about then and why we chose them. Our online portfolio is to share our leaning and show what we have done.

I choose this one because I like how he could just jump of a plane and be brave doing and what the words say are true .

All I did was chop of the words and the black background then zoom in, added fireworks and the word bravery with wings flying.

I chose this picture because of the crocodile and the man. This man is kissing a crocodile bravely in the water. Most people would never go near a crocodile or even a snake, even if there life is in danger .

I changed the background to make it scene like its in the wild and I change the screen to make it scene like its just came out of water.  

I chose this picture because of the cat. The cat is acting brave walking past the dogs. All the dogs are looking at the cat but not chasing the cat or even barking at the cat. the cat is showing a lot of bravery for just a small thing.

All I change was the way the dogs are looking at the cat like if the cat was a star and all the dogs were big fans. The dogs are not chasing the cat and the cat is not chasing the birds. The bravest thing is just ignoring your fans and ignoring your pray.

I chose thing one because this man is rising his life to save this dog  from death. This piture shows how far he is willing to go and save this dog.

I changed it by putting  three parts into colours which show a little the man moving in to save the dog and that is all.

these are the four pictures that have been edited through the page.

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