The Batboy

by Mike Lupica

  1. "The Batboy" written by Mike Lupica is about a boy named Brian.  He loved baseball.  He knew the stat of every Detroit Tiger player.  It was something him and his dad shared.  That was before his dad left to be a roaming pitching coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  After that, Brian sent a letter to the Detroit Tigers applying for the position of batboy.  He recived a letter stating that he was too young, and he was not able to do it.  Two years later, he sent another letter, which was sent to the comissioner of baseball, and Brian was accepted.  His dream had come true.  All of Brian's dreams had come true.  but when he sees Bishop's personality as it really is, he realizes that evertything is not as it seems.

This song relates to "The Batoboy" because the singer shared baseball with his dad and truly loved the sport.  Brian loved baseball, and he shared this same love with his dad.  That is how this song and the story relate.

This song and the story relates because both the character, Brian, and the singer never stop believing that what they want will come true.  Brian made sure that his second letter was perfect before he sent it, kept believing that it could happen, and eventually he got a letter.  This letter was from the Tigers that said he was their batboy.  That is how this song and story relate.

This song relates to the story because the singer and Brian both think that they will have the best day of their life.  When it is time for Brian's first day as batboy, he is so exscited he goes early.  He thinks that it will be the "best day of his life".  That is how the song and the story relate.

This song relates to the story because it talks about how dreams can come true sometimes, so you should take the chance.  That is what Brian did.  He knew he probably wouldn't get the job, and at first he didn't.  He soon got it because he kept dreaming about it. That is how the song relates to the story.

This song relates to "The Batboy" becuase both the singer and the main character in the story share the same love of the sport. Both speakers just want to play and be around the game. That is the way that this song and the story relate to each other.


"Exciting, Recommended to many." -Tanner

"Very good." -Ben,  from Amazon

"All baseball fans should get this book.It is a heartwarming story of a boy and his love for his job,a batboy for the tigers." -Amazon Customer


"The Batboy"  takes place in detroit, near Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play baseball.


I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.  The book is very interesting and keeps me reading.  The writing style is also very well written.  That is why I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.  I would recomend this book to anyone who likes baseball.

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