The Fault In Our Stars

Author's Biography :  John Michael Green was born on August 24, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a YouTube video-blogger, or "vlogger", with his brother, Hank Green. Their YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers, has over 1,880,000 subscribers as of March 2014. Perhaps more notably, John is also an author. His most recent book, released in January 2012, was adapted to film in The Fault In Our Stars which was released in 2014. John and his wife Sarah have two children together, a son named Henry, and a daughter named Alice. The family resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. Alongside his brother, Hank Green, John started an annual YouTube conference called "Vidcon" in 2010. Starting at only 1,400 attendee's in 2013 there were over 12,000 in attendance of the weekend long conference which celebrates the online video viewers, creators, and industry representatives worldwide, drawing thousands of attendees.

Write a short explanation of why the author wrote your novel. Does the author
mention the intended theme of the novel?

- My novel's author wrote this book because he likes to write love stories for teens .

Vocabulary Words:

veritable - often used as intensifiers

decrepit- lacking bodily or muscular strength

prospect- the possibility of future success

sobriquet- a familiar name for a person

infrastructure- the stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or a area

bacchanalia- a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

Find 3 examples of figurative language from your novel:

I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up my friend (Page 225 , Metaphor)

I fear oblivion, I fear it like the proverbial blind man who's afraid of the dark.(Page 12, Simile)

His brain is Swiss Cheese. (Page 195, Metaphor)

Internal & External -  Write one internal and one external conflict in your novel.

internal - Hazel Grace is having a problem with her cancer.

external - Hazel Grace is having a conflict with society.

Explain the meaning of a “dynamic” and “static” character. Give me examples of both
static and dynamic characters. Explain your reasoning.

Dynamic Character- someone who undergoes an important, internal change because of the action in the plot. ( Hazel Grace and Augustus) I chose them because they have a internal change because of the action.

Static Character-are the opposite of dynamic; static characters do not change. (Patrick and Issac) I chose them because they don't change in the book.

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