The Electrial Flow of Thomas Edison

By:  Brendan Stevenson-Garcia

About Thomas Edison

Thomas edison was a well known inventor for making the phonogram, the motion picture, and the electric lightbulb. He was born Febuary 11, 1847 and died October 13 1931. *1

The phonogram

Youd most likely know edison as the inventor of the light bulb but he  is also the inventor of other famous products.  He made the phonogram too.  His idea of the phonogram came from the noise the telegraph made which he thought  it could record sound vibrations by using litle needles. The phonograph work by two needles scratching against a tinfoil cylinder.*2

Electicly awesome light bulb

Two more inventions hes made are the motion picture and the electic lightbulb.

He came up with his idea about the lightbulb when he thought that he could improve the lightbulb. It works by using a small filement directing electicity to turn the light on.  It looked like a lamp without the lamp curtain.  It very famous for being a long lasting house hold light source.  *3

Thomas Edison presents the motion picture

He got the idea of the motion picture by dreaming of a video with noise along with Eadward Muybridge. Eadward thought that with Eadwards zoopraxiszcope and Thomas' phonogram they could make a motion picture.  Thomas rejected the plan and eventualy he made his own. It wrosk by spinning the handle to emit recorded video along with the sound recorded by the phonogram.  It was well known for being a great entertainment source.  *2


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