The Glass Castle


Throughout the book, each character must come to grips with the concept of forgiving each other. Mom and Dad neglected their children in so many ways and should be punished, but their children also need to understand that forgiveness is for themselves as well for their parents. As long as they harbor bitterness in their hearts for how they were raised, they will never find the contentment they deserve.



The whole family through this book goes through very hard times and has to figure a way to get through these hardships. Most of the time the Walls figure a way to cheat the system to not get in trouble from the law. Moving from house to house and trying to find gold to build The Glass Castle.


Introduction: In the beginning of the book, Jeannette Walls is in her present life. After that the book sets back to the beginning of her childhood and then comes back to the present life of Jeannette Walls.

Rising Action: The whole story is having this idea of having a better life and getting the proper things in life. Rex keeps the family's hope up by trying to find a way to build The Glass Castle with his blue prints him and Jeannette made. This keeps the family's hope up thinking they will get food, nice home, and proper clothes.

Falling Action: Lori was the first person from the Walls family to move to New York to start her own life. Soon after Jeannette moves to New York and starts writing for different newspapers. Brian moved to New York to start what he has always wanted to do by becoming a police man. Maureen was the last one to move to New York and was going to High School.  

Resolution: The whole family except Maureen lived in New York. Brian and Jeannette both started their own lives. Maureen went to live in California. Rex died of a disease that he got from a fight he was in. Rose became head of squatters.

Climax: The three kids move to New York. Soon after Rex And Rose came to live in New York, but soon become homeless.


Jeannette- Jeannette is the narrator of the story throughout the entire book. She is the only person who believes in her fathers dreams of building The Glass Castle. This motivates her in believing in her father to make their lives better. She doesn't want to constantly fight with her parents about spending money on alcohol or art supplies. She is always carrying weight on her shoulders about the life that she wants to live and how her family could be better. She was always telling mom and dad to go out and find jobs and help the family. She is important in the book because she is the narrator and keeps faith for her dad and the whole family.

Mom- Rose Mary is the mom of all of the children. She is married to Rex Walls. Rose Mary loves art. She is committed to her art and tries to be the best artist there is. On her free time she is constantly painting and looking at others art work. Art is the way she expresses herself. She always carries a lot of weight on her shoulder mainly because she is married to Rex. She is always reminded of how she can't give the kids food or proper clothing for all of the kids. She is a significant role in the book for being the mother of the children and and her husband Rex that she wont leave.    

Dad- Rex Walls is the dad of all the children in the Walls family. He is also married to Rose Mary Walls. Rex is determined to build The Glass Castle to provide for the family and make them have better lives. He lives with this hope for most of the book thinking his blue prints will one day become The Glass Castle. He carries most of the weight of the family on his back. He has to face the fact that he is always moving around and can't provide for his family. Most of the time he will drink to make him forget these facts. He is very important in the book because no matter how hard it get or how bad he always sticks with the plan that he can build The Glass Castle and tries to be a good father.

The Walls family stay at the Mohjave Desert for a short time to try and find gold for The Glass Castle.


Bronx, New York is where the whole Walls family ends up living at the end of the book.

Phoenix, Arizona is where they go to live in a house that Rose she inherited from her mother.

Marueen is born in Blythe, California.

Welch, West Virginia is where filmmakers come to tell Lori she has talent and should move to New York.

Important Quotes

“Things usually work out in the end."
"What if they don't?" "That just means you haven't come to the end yet.” The significance of this quote is that Jeannette is not giving up on the family and doesn't give hope up even if they are going through hard times.  

“You should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies. Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for that.” The significance of this quote is that no matter how bad you don't like someone or have a enemy, there is good in them and that not everyone is perfect. Rose Mary is trying to tell her kids that and teach them to like everyone.

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