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Avante Apartments - A Desirable Place

Avante Apartments, in Kent, Washington, are owned by The Longwell Company in Bellevue. It is one of seven apartment complexes in the Longwell portfolio. Five of the seven are in the Puget Sound area, while the remaining two are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas.

The owners and managers at The Longwell Company and Avante Apartments know that real estate agents have a saying: location, location, location. This means, of course, that the location of a property is by far the most important factor for the majority of those looking to find a new place to live. And the Avante Apartments are blessed with an ideal location: the Puget Sound region has for many years been an attractive place to live because its two largest employers, the Boeing company and Microsoft, are economic powerhouses that are more closely tied to the global economy than to the national economy.

The idea of location has several elements to it. The Avante Apartment management knows that renters are looking for a place in a safe neighborhood, and this is one where there are no worries. The rate of violent crime in Kent is eleven percent lower than the average for the rest of Washington State, and thirty percent lower than the national average.

Potential renters who come by Avante Apartments are also taking into consideration the Kent School District. Again they find welcome news: the district is well rated and its teachers have an average of some thirteen years of experience between them. And about seventy percent of the teaching staff district wide has earned a Masters degree.

Getting into it from Work

When it comes to places to live, one of the things that people consider most is their ability to get to and from work. If an individual has a situation where they are faced with a long commute, then this is something of a hindrance that can affect the amount of free time that a person has in a day. The solution of course is to try and find a location that is central to places of work, study and play. If you’re lucky you might get a big on at least one. If you’re really lucky you might find a location that satisfies all three conditions. Freeway access is one of those things that comes into play. Location is close to her freeway, then it is much easier to get to and from the places that need to get to.

The necessities of life may include a required proximity to locations where people can shop as well. Not every tenant of an apartment complex is going to have their own vehicle. Quite often tenants are young and have chosen to do without. While others maintain their vehicles and take on that commitment to get to and from work, school and other locations Avante Apartments is a leading apartment complex situated in Kent Washington that is close to a variety of major employers. Close to some of the areas that shopping, and it is supported by one of the area’s best school districts. It is close to great transportation and has the benefit of being a short drive away from a major airport. Many people enjoy living in this fantastic, modern and convenient apartment complex.

Green apartments are something that has become increasingly important in recent years. Of course we are not talking about painting apartments green but rather those types of facilities, appliances and measures which are taken to preserve resources on behalf of environmental estate concerns. Tenants and the public are increasingly aware of certain elements of environmental concerns which can be addressed in the way that they live, so they are always open to things that will save energy or play some role in conserving the environment. Little things like efficient windows and efficient designs in the architecture can make a huge difference especially when you get into some of the bigger apartment complexes.

Efficient heating and air-conditioning systems or another big piece of the puzzle. These are high consumers of energy and having a well maintained and efficient system that is designed well will save tremendous amounts of energy. There are a number of energy standards and building certification which can be attained by an apartment complex. They are focused on these measures of green status and ranked according to how well these things have been implemented. That is most certainly the case when it comes to Avante Apartments which are based out of can’t Washington and they are one of the leading apartments in all of the area. Their focus on green technology enhances to their environment has been a compelling feature for many prospective tenants over the years and they are always looking to improve on that reputation.

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