Honeymoon to Pattaya, Thailand

This is the coast of Pattaya, Thailand.

To get there we would have to fly and then get a rental car and drive to the hotel.

This is the Royal Wing Suites and Spa, where we will stay.

This is the front of the hotel. Then we will go to the "mini" Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

This is the "mini" Temple of the Emerald Buddha. We would go to The Sancutary of Truth.

This is The Sanctuary of Truth. We would go to Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.

This is the Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.


To stay at Royal Wing Suites and Spa it would cost $301 per night. The room includes one king sized bed and two single beds. Plus breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Below are some pictures of the room.

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