Walton in north pole

Robert Walton has always dreamed of exploring the North Pole. He goes out on this adventure. They come across a man, Victor Frankenstein, and brings him on the boat. Victor is going to tell walton his "life story"

victor family

Victor starts his story of by telling walton how his mom and dad meet and how sweet and kind they where to him and his love elizabeth. Walton is heading to the north pole to find an easier pass way through the north pole

victors mom that he love so much dies. Victor dont know what to do, he looked up to her all the time and goes off away from his family for a good while.

victors school

Victor decides to go to college in ingolstadt where he wants to help save people and trys to be god in a way by making something scary. A book made victor mind think and helped him decide what he wants to do and a storm helped him to be wondering whats really out there and how the spirits work.

The monsterf

Victor take other bead peoples body parts and creates an monster that he is scared of and takes off running from. He trys to for get about it but it is stuck  in his mind. The monster is around 8 ft tall and is the ugliest thing in the whole world.

Victors dead brothers casket

Victor don't never see the monster and it runs away but he gets a terrible letter saying that his little brother has been murder so hes heads home to ganev. Hes talks about how sad he was and how hard its going to be coming home to so much sadness.  

Has he get close to his house he sees the monster and his heart drops. The monster kills his brother and makes it looks like it their cleaning lady that they adopted. They ended up find her guilty and she is killed for that crime.

victor meets the monster

Victor trys to kill him self so his dad takes him to a vacation house to clear his mind from all the craziness and sees the monster. Victor talks to them monster and the monster tells victor is story that has been going on for 2 years.

The monster tells a story

The monster talks about how hard his life was for them two years and how no one liked him and how he was hungry and trusty all the time. He hides in a little shed and watches a family with a boy named flexis and girl named alhpa and the mom and dad and a old blind man. He learned everything he knows now from them, he wants to talk to the blind man when ever one is gone. The people leave and he talk to the old man and the family walks in and the beat him and he runs a way. He got mad and went to find his owner and the monster gets shot by someone because he was trying to save a little girl and that just made him mad, he sees a boy playing and thinks he will not run from him but the boy freaks out and its victors little brother and he kills him.

The monster wants a girl monster

The monster tells victor that he want mess with know one in his family or his love ones if he makes him a girl monster. So victor head back to school and meets up with henry, the travel around the world and victor is just about to finish the other monster and the see the monster that is already alive and victor tears apart what he was making and the monster tells him that he will see him on his wedding night.

dead henry

Victor goes to Ireland not meaning to and is excused for a murder and when he goes to see the body its Henry and victor goes crazy and is put in prison for being crazy and when he gets better he was found not guilty.

victors wedding

Victor goes home and gets married to elizabeth and he tells her about the monster and he plans on killing the monster, they go on the honey moon and the monster kills his wife and victor is so mad and upset and his dad dies from depression. Victor goes so crazy that he gets put in jail and when he gets out hes ready to kill the monster.

Victor trying to get the monster

Victor goes all over the world trying to find the monster and cant catch him, victor finds a boat that is stuck on ice and its the person that is reading his whole story of his life (walton) Walton trys and helping him get the monster but its to dangerous so they turn around and victor gets sick from depression and dies and Walton hears something over victors dead body and it the monster and the monster tells walton how bad he feels and tells him that hes going to kill him self and the monster jumps out the window and is gone.

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