Limiting Factors

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Abiotic:Sun,temperature,tumbleweeds .


,vultures,coyotes,some rabbits and Cactus

Desert Rattlesnake:They are able to survive in the desert cause they can regulate their body temperature and their colors help them blend in to the desert and hid so they can hunt prey easier.They also don't have to eat and drink regularly cause they get water from their prey.

Carrying Capacity
Carrying Capacity:Limit of how many individual organisms an ecosystem can support.(Based on available sources)

The resources they need is they need food,water,air,shelter and space.

Without the right amount if resources then the population changes cause without the right habitat then they can't reproduce and the population will start to die down.

Ex:If there where no mice then the snakes would starve and they would not be able to reproduce.

Limiting Factors:Factors that influence carrying

Ex:Disease,drought, flood, wildfire ECT.

Without the cactus some animals would die cause the cactus carry water in them and some of the animals eat the cactus fruit

Producers-Produce their own food

Ex:Cactus produce their own food and water

Consumer:Consume and eat other things and organisms for food.

Ex:Snake eats some rabbits for food.

Decomposer:Organisms that break down dead things.

Ex:Worms break down and decompose dead things.







Energy Roles

First the producer gets energy from the sun and then the 1st level consumer receives energy from the producers and the 2nd level consumer gets their energy from the 1st level consumer then the 3rd level consumer gets energy from the 2nd level consumer then the 4th level consumer gets its energy from the 3rd level consumer.


The producers are really important cause the 1st level consumers get their energy from the producers so with out the producers it would throw the whole ecosystem off balance cause the 1st level consumers would die cause there is no more producers and then the ecosystem will be off balance.

Food Chains VS. Food Webs....

Food webs are more realistic than the Food Chains cause the food web gives all the possibilities in a ecosystem.

If I removed the rabbits and coyotes  from the ecosystem then the snakes would die cause the rabbits and coyotes are the source of food for the snakes.

The Pyramid

The pyramid is the best shape to use and not the other shapes cause it shows the amount of energy that each level needs and uses and its really organized.

Producers VS.Predators

The reason the producers are at the base of the pyramid and the predators are at the top is cause the producers need more energy than the predators do.

I put the 3 pictures to show how the flowers need plenty of sunlight to grow.


CO2+H2O-> Suns Energy C6H12O6+O2

Carbon Dioxide+Water+Chlorophyll+Sugars+Oxygen

What is Needed For Photosynthesis????

Photosynthesis takes place in the plants leaves of when a plant absorbs sunlight and water to make its food.

For photosynthesis you need to green plants and u need sunlight and lots if water and good soil for the plants to grow.




How Tropism helps the plants of your ecosystem?


Decomposers: an organism,usually bacteria or fungus that breaks down the cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances.

Decomposers in my ecosystem

Beetles break down dead things in a desert ecosystem.


Its really important to adapt to living in different  places cause you will not always be in the same places and that's why u have to adapt to living in other places.


If you put another organism in your enviornment then they would probably die cause they might not know how to adapt to the enviornment you are in cause they're used to something much more different.

Natural Selection

Natural Selection:

Example of an organism of Natural Selection:

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i still have a question about a cactus being abiotic

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i recommend that you change the cacti to biotic

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I disagree with this because cacti is biotic.

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A Better Solution is to change the Cacti to Biotic, because it is living.

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I recommend the you specify your abiotic factors like what temperature it has.

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I disagree with this because cacti are alive.

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I disagree with cactus

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I'm confused about the picture of shoes being tied to producers. Make sure to keep your portfolio organized and easy to read. You have some good information included so far!