Mount Everest

By: Luther Crum

Basic Facts:

-Mt. Everest is the world’s tallest mountain.

-The official altitude of the summit is 29,029 feet.

-The mountain is located on the border of the Himalayas next to Nepal and Tibet.

-The summit of the mountain grows in altitude between 1.6 and 3.9 inches each year due to tectonic plates.

More Facts:

-The mountain’s summit is actually 29,035 feet in altitude as of now. The National Geographic Society found this out but the Nepali government has not made this official yet.

-The mountain is named Mt. Everest because Sir George Everest was the first to record the location of the mountain in 1841.

-Mt. Everest is located on the border of Nepal and Tibet.

Climbing Mount Everest:

-Around 4,000 people have summited Mt. Everest and around 250 people have died trying.

-To climb Mt. Everest, climbers don't just hike all the way to the top. Climbers have to go up and down repeating the process several times before they can even try to get to the top. This process is called acclimatizing. This is done in order to prepare the lungs for the extremely thin air at the summit.

Connection to my book:

         Mt. Everest connects to the book "Peak" by Roland Smith because the main plot of the book is about the main character, Peak, climbing Everest. In the beginning of the story, Peak is climbing a skyscraper in New York when he is caught by the police and put in juvenile detention. Peak is exiled from New York for a time and that is when his dad (who he not seen since he was a little child) showed up and asked Peak if he would like to climb Mt. Everest. The rest of the story is about Peak climbing the mountain and experiencing many issues with various things and people.

Connection to my life:

Mt. Everest connects to my life because (to me) it represents exploring new places of the world. And, I like to see new places in the world where I have not been. My family and I often go on trips that mainly features nature. For example, the pictures below of when we rode our dirt bikes and atv's through Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains. Also, I especially like mountains. This is because I am a big skier and love to go to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to ski. So, I have always been interested in Mt. Everest.


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