By: Ryan heckler

     My favorite program is tackk because its easy to use and its unique. It also adds creative options.

     It was not very difficult it was easy to use and it features were simple but they were creative at the same time.

    My favorite thing was the teen issues day project were we did awareness on bullying suicide and other things. Because it helped with teen issues and I thought it was a fun project.

     I could make a presentation for a different class and present it.

     I could make a presentation on something about my job and present it.

     This technology will not be useful in my picked job because my picked job is a mechanic and i don't need to present things.

     my least favorite was Microsoft excel because it was complicated and it was so much work.

     Probably not because it is not useful in my line of work and I wouldn't use it at all.

     I would like to have covered paint I think it would be fun and entertaining.

     Because if you ever get a job were you need to use a computer you will know how to use it. Plus technology is advancing every year and people are going to have to know how to use it.



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