the bubonic plague effect on peasants by Eben zekarias

While the bubonic plague was mostly a negative thing it was also created positive opportunities for peasants. While the bubonic killed many people it also opened up opportunities for peasants in politics and an increase in value of the peasants. With the decrease in population peasants had less family members to feed. This gave the other members in the family to get more feed at every meal. The families could use the extra money they had from not having to feed so many people for some non-essentials.

Another way that the bubonic plague was beneficial to peasants was they had more power in politics. When the bubonic plague hit Europe peasants already fed up with their treatment rebelled. They wanted political power. The king obliged to their multiple demands. The king created the model parliament as a way for peasants to have power. The model parliament was an unelected government that voiced the needs and wants of towns and cities.

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