True Paradise

Kate Miller 4/16/14

The sparrow's morning song stirs me,
the sun shines through the sheer curtains on my tawny face,
nudging me to rise and start my day.
I stretch and smile at what the day will bring.

The refreshing lake breeze rustles through my sun-kissed hair,
I breathe in the sweet summer air,
it cools me on the blistering hot day.

The view of the large basin
surrounded by towering trees and brightly colored lake houses
takes my breath away,
from the top of the green, luscious hill.
The sun's rays glimmer on the shimmering, deep blue, lake water.

Boats zoom,
engines roar,
squeals erupt from children flying on giant, colorful inflatable tubes.
Another boat whirs by
people clap and cheer for a little boy.
A little boy,
who for the first time,
successfully rose out of the lake on two wooden sticks
to glide across the seamless water.

At nightfall my family gathers around the antique table.
Cards shuffle through our hands.



game includes fighting over who cheated,
and brief moments of laughter.
"The game's not over 'til the kings go wild!"

I relax.
Let go.
My cares slip away.
My problems disappear.
Here I spend time with the people I love the most.
Endless summer days.
This is the cottage where I grew up.
True paradise.
The place I love the most.
The place I love the most.

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