Gagandeep Singh: The Allure of Boxing

Gagandeep Singh is a young entrepreneur and aspiring architect who is currently pursuing his academic studies at Hofstra University in New York. During his free time, he enjoys engaging in physical activities such as boxing. He was a member of the Golden Gloves club from 2011 to 2013 and continues to teach younger kids the art of boxing. Many parents are hesitant to allow their children to box, due to the violent nature of the sport at higher levels. Gagandeep Singh insists, however, that learning how to box is an extremely worthwhile endeavor that also gives an individual a better shot at protecting themselves from danger.

He loves the sport for many reasons. He loves the sheer strength and heart that is displayed by entering into a ring with your opponent round after round. He loves the beautiful artwork and technical strategy of landing and defending punches. And he loves the rush of adrenaline that comes from a knockout. In order to encourage more kids to choose boxing as a sport, Gagandeep Singh adopts a strict policy that amateur boxers must always wear gloves and head gear when boxing. The usage of this protective equipment greatly reduces the chances of injury during a boxing match. When safety is ensured, the sport of friendly competition emerges, which invigorates a person and creates an atmosphere of fun for all.

Boxing may be a dangerous sport at higher levels, but one thing is certain among boxers; boxers are not more violent than the average person out in the street. To the contrary, boxers tend to be peaceful people who refuse to fight in the streets unless it is absolutely necessary. For this reason, Gagandeep Singh believes boxing will always have its rightful place in society.

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