The Hundred Years War

How It Started

 In 1337 King Edward lll claimed that he was the rightful King of France.  This started many disputes that kept the war going for over 100 years.

How It Ended

 A young peasant girl called Joan of Arc claimed to see a vision from God.  She led France into many battles and won most too.  She was finally captured and burned at the stake.  The French were so inspired by her leadership and sacrifice that they kept pursuing through the war.  They finally pushed the English Army out of France claiming victory over the Hundred Years War.

What Events took Place During this Time

     Edwards son the "Black Prince" led the army into several battles.  In one of them they captured the current King of England.  Edward agreed to free King John lll for three million crowns and some additional land.  This was a time of peace.

     During the time of the black death the war paused for a long period of time.

Fun Facts

   1. King Edward lll led many raids into france.  He did not attempt to capture the land but instead destroy it.

2. King Henry V won a battle at Agincourt against France with only 6000 soliders.  France had around 25000.  

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