Welcome AVID Coordinators and
AVID Elective Teachers

Please watch the welcome back video.

Things to turn in with deadlines:

Please complete the following items and note the due dates:

1. Send me an electronic copy of your site team plan (I have UHS paper copy, but I need an electric copy for each one) due September 5, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. You should have a paper copy, but it needs to be on the electronic version. (click on the URL below and save to your computer.)

2. AVID Elective Teachers - check your students - Do they have an advanced class?

3. AVID Coordinators - I will bring your AVID roster for your campus by to your campus this week. Please return those to me by Friday, August 31, in school mail. I will have the roster updated in AVID.

Month at a Glance for the Site Team
Set meeting prior to October 1

Open the URL below, log in to AVID, review the attachment, and save it to your computer. Use this as a template for planning your monthly meetings. Please send me the date of your first meeting.

Your first campus Site Team Plan meeting should take place before October 1.

AVID Elective Teachers Week at a Glance

AVID Elective Teachers make sure you follow the schedule provided by AVID. If you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to let me know.

Go to:

Myavid.org - Log in - Go to File Sharing - Secondary - My AVID Elective and Beyond