AVID - Cornell Notes
Overview and Implementation

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Begin with a "HOOK"

Why Cornell Notes?

Why take Cornell Notes?

Everyone practice using Cornell Notes today. Everyone needs a handout and writing utensil.

Start with the Essential Question: Why use Cornell Notes and how to implement them in my classroom?

Research and Cornell Notes

How to engage students in the Cornell Notes process?

  • Be prepared - do your work outside of class; we are teaching them to be prepared, organized, and attentive. Show them they are important by being prepared.
  • Start with small increments - remember the 10/2/2 format and         the 10-24-7 format
  • Build time in your class for students to: review their notes, edit their notes, fill in the left column, write their summary at the bottom - REPETITION!!!
  • Show them how they will be able to review for a test. Examples: fold over and ask themselves questions, pair them up to review their notes)
  • Make sure they know it is for a grade

How to teach your students to take Cornell Notes?

  • Use a "hook" to create prior knowledge. Examples: a video that will reinforce your lecture, previous notes or test taken in your class, current event that relates
  • Show empathy. For a grade, but more important repetition builds knowledge.
  • Show enthusiasm.
  • Give visual cues. Circle things, draw arrows, point, underline
  • Give audio cues. "This is important," and "write this down"; pause, change your tone
  • Mix it up - stop at least every 10 minutes and allow students to grasp the material. Examples - partner activity, answers on an individual whiteboard, share notes

Partner Activity

Stand up - Find a partner - 30 seconds for each person to share their Cornell Notes

Use this same example in class - Lecture, check your notes-what should you have?

Have a seat - right under your notes on the right hand side, write a one sentence summary of your notes so far. (chunking) You have 30 seconds. (normally 2 minutes)

How to Grade Cornell Notes

  • Daily grade - each part is equal to points - heading 20 points, left side 20 points, summary 20 points, actual notes 40 points
  • Notebook grade- use an assignment sheet - grade only parts of the notebook - pick 5 pages, each one worth 20 points ("O" - Organization)
  • Allow them to use their Cornell Notes on a quiz
  • Give several grades early - at least once a week - students need to see a payoff for taking Cornell Notes

Core Subject Specific

www.wacoisd.org  >> campuses >> administration >> curriculum and instruction >> curriculum website >> information >> teacher resources >> AVID manuals >> middle school
  • User name: MSAVID
  • Password: college


  • Click on "The Write Path I", click on Science, click on Teacher References ...
  • Click on 2.1.2 Science Quickwrite prompts; click the back key to return to Teacher References (there is also a student sample section)
  • Click on INB (Interactive Notebook) Student Sample


  • Click on "The Write Path I", click on Math, click on Math I Student 2009 (there is a table of contents to show what is in the book)
  • Use the back key, click on Write Path 2, click on Math 2 Student 2009
  • There is also a folder on the WISD Middle School page called Supporting Math with more math support


  • Click on "The Write Path I", click on ELA, click on Informing through writing and reading, click on writing to learn, click on 04 cause and effect
  • 14 Interactive Notebook
  • Use the back key to return to the ELA tab; click on Strategic Reading, click on section 3, click on the last one - "Practicing Inquiry"
  • Use the back to to return to the WISD Middle Schools tab, click on Critical Reading, go to the bottom and click on the Student Handout and Quick Reference tab - this will give you a guide to what all is listed in the strategies


  • Click on "The Write Path I", click on History/SS, click on a chapter for examples
  • Click on Chapter 5, Click on 3rd one - Reading and Interpreting Maps


TACKK web address on your Cornell Notes page: www.tackk.com/avid-wisd-Cornell-Notes

Great website:http://www.brighthubeducation.com/teaching-methods-tips/6561-make-the-best-of-class-time-with-cornell-notes/

YouTube Video - rap about Cornell notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPsgM19uUuo

YouTube Video - rap about Cornell notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh6m9jRTT3w

AVID Cornell Notes advertisement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E614LNWGLSE

Youtube video - Cornell Notes - for students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4Nh4bSFvrI

How AVID changed a
teacher's life?

EXIT Activity

1. Take 3 minutes and write two questions in the left hand margin of your Cornell Notes page you just wrote. What questions can your CN answer for you?

2. Tomorrow at 7:45 before you get started at school, take 5 minutes and write your summary at the bottom of your Cornell Notes page.  

3. Provide Patti or myself feedback in an email how you can utilize CN in your classroom or what hinders you from moving forward with CN in your classroom.

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