Reagans journy


Ronald Reagan was born February 06, 1911 and died June 05, 2004

Significant events that effected Ronald Reagan life

  • the cold war
  • An assassination attempt
  • He was signed with Warner bro's  

Reagan childhood

Reagan had a decently good childhood he had to move homes many times because of his dads job he earned the nickname dutch because when he was a baby he looked like a fat little dutch boy.

Important people in his life

  • his father
  • his mother
  • his wife

unique facts

  • he was a movie star.
  • he was the president.
  • he got shot and survived.


He signed with Warner Brothers film co, he became the president, and he survived a shooting.

theme of his life story

Live in the moment take chances because if you don't you wont ever know what could have been.  

words of advice

(top of p.65) "A goal is just a dream with a deadline." 

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