Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, New France in 1567. He died December 25, 1635 in Quebec City. In 1602, Henri IV of France hired him to explore.

        Voyage to Atlantic Canada

In 1604 he sailed to Acadia with Pierre Dugua de Mons. The main purpose of their voyage was to set up fur trades with the natives in "the new world". He was instructed to follow Jaques Cartiers route to get to North America. They landed at l'Île Sainte-Croix. They were planning on beginning settlement there but the site had very few trees for firewood and no fresh water. The severe weather and scurvy killed 35 people in their group. The rest of them headed south to find a better place for settlement.

By 1605, the first permanent french settlement was made in Canada. Champlain named it Port Royal. The land was good for crops and the bay of fundy supplied lots of fish. Fur trade was successfully set up between the French and the local natives. in 1606, Champlain returned to France because the Canada and Acadia company became bankrupt.


When Champlain tried to meet with the Iroquois, the Iroquois would attack. The Iroquois were not interesting in trade, they just wanted war from the French. They wouldn't forget the kidnapping of Iroquoian chief Donnacona by Jaques Cartier 70 years earlier. When Champlain buried the bodies of the French who died, the Iroquois dug up and attacked the bodies and threw the crosses into the ocean.

The french allied with the Huron and Algonquin tribes and joined them in war against the Iroquois. Champlain set up many fur trades with the natives.

Should he be in the Hall of Fame?

I think that Samuel de Champlain should be in the hall of fame because he did a lot of things for Canada. He set up the first French settlement in North America called Port Royal. Because of that, he is the reason that French is part of our Canadian culture. Champlain was also the founder of Qubec. He set up fur trades between the Native and the French which was a big contribution to the making of Canada. Without Samuel de Champlain, french would not be an official language of Canada and there would be no french culture in Canada at all. He has made a wonderful contribution to Canada and very much deserves to be in the hall of fame.

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