The Columbian Exchange

This came from the New World, This is also one of the big things they would not have without the trade like pumpkin pie, we could not have that without the trade

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans, We would not have Coffee that so many people drink today if the did not bring these from the old world.


Pumpkin's, They would not have these if they did not do the trade and we would not have Pumpkin Pie if they did not do the trade.


Cow's, They came from the old world and have impacted our restraint's majorly in steak and all of the other meat's that we love so much.


Tobacco, this came from us the New World and this trade of tobacco has been booming for years now in Chewing Tobacco, and more product's


Grapes, These have been one of the most biggest changes to both world's the New and Old. Because we got them to make wine and so did they but they came from the Old World.

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