Olive the Other Reindeer
Hero's Journey

By Preston Link and Jonathan Bowlus


Call to Adventure

Olive the dog hears "all of the other reindeer" in a song on the radio and believes she is a reindeer. She then decides to pack her belongings and head to the North Pole to help Santa.

Supernatural Aid: none

Crossing the Threshold

Olive crosses the threshold when she leaves her home in the city and takes a bus to the North Pole. She then meets Santa and begins to help pull the sleigh on Christmas.

Belly of the Whale

Santa's sleigh begins to fly too low and crashes into a tree. Olive then uses her teeth to chew the sleigh free. This is the start of many problems to come.


The Road of Trials

Olive smells gumdrops being dropped from the sleigh. Santa whips the sleigh around and catches the gumdrops before they fall too far.

The sleigh hitting a tree had caused there to be a hole in the sleigh, flutes coming from Santa's bag began dropping. Santa decided to land shortly to collect the flutes and repair the hole.

Santa, Olive, and the other reindeer were pressed for time as they went house to house, but had made it just in time to everyone's house.

Meeting With Goddess/Atonement With Father

There was no meeting with goddess or atonement with father present in the book.

Supreme Ordeal

The group had almost made it back to the North Pole when they were caught in a dense fog. Santa remembered that dogs had a good sense of smell. He asked Olive to guide the sleigh back to Santa's Workshop, and she did.

Ultimate Boon

Santa gave Olive her own set of antlers to take home.

The Return

Return Refusal: none
Magic Flight: none
Rescue From Without: none
Crossing Return Threshold: none

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