Avrahom Joseph

Avrahom Joseph - Businessman Active in the Lakewood Marketplace

About Avrahom Joseph

Avrahom Joseph draws on more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience in a variety of ventures. Coming from humble beginnings including work as a driver and other part time occupations, Joseph is strongly supportive of a strong work ethic. He mentors youth in the concepts of "rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done", as well as "putting in some elbow grease", and does fairly well giving over his own life experiences.

In preparation for his career, Avrahom Joseph enrolled at Ocean County College, where he earned his bachelor of arts. While there, he completed relevant courses in areas such as business law, public relations, management, accounting, and marketing.

Outside of work, Mr. Joseph spends time with friends and family and enjoys listening to classic Jewish music. He also follows several sports teams, including the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Bears. In terms of charitable commitments, the businessman supports a number of Jewish nonprofits.