This week, even though I wasn't at school, I was blessed with surprises for each day! Funnily enough...I think I might have TWO Secret Santas...hmmmm...

The Mystery Begins with
The 1st Surprise...

As I stumbled sleepily into the bathroom this morning, I was surprised to see a gift bag on the sink waiting for me.  

Hmmm..."me-thinks" that perhaps some elves have been at work...?

What was inside?

Perfection:  2 Vanilla Shower Gels from Avon!

The Mystery Deepens...

Over the weekend, a package arrived from school.  I had been asked to participate in Secret Santa, so I figured that the gifts inside were my gifts.
John had urged me to open the box, but I figured I'd wait until Monday morning.

When I saw the gift bag on the bathroom counter, I kind of figured that John had opened the box.  But...he hadn't.  So...I did...and discovered....

More gifts?!?

Inside the box that had been delivered, I discovered...

5 carefully, beautifully wrapped gifts with adorable little tags
complete with little thoughtful poems

The Next Gift for Monday...

Inside, I discovered the cutest refrigerator magnet...with the scrabble words,
"Wine" & "Whine."  
Love it!  

I immediately stuck it next to a few of my other favorite magnets!

More Gifts...
to be opened throughout the week

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

How amazing...that the people with whom I've worked for years...thought of me this week and wanted me to feel loved, appreciated, and missed!  I am so blessed to have worked with and be friends with such incredible people!

Stay will I...
to see how the week turns out!