The Shack

Karina Martinez

Cast Of Characters

For Mack I would like to have Hugh Jackman because I feel like he has good acting skills of being a father in a movie i recently saw which was "The Prisoners" which also reminded me of the book, the shack.
For Missy I would have Baily Madison because I think she would do great with being lost and I feel like she did great in her last movie "Bridge to Terabithia"
For Papa, I would have Oprah Winfrey because I think she is a wise woman, who knwos a lot. She is like a counselor and i Think that she would be someone who would tell Mack right from wrong.
For Sarayu, I would cast Lucy Liu, I like her every since she made the movie "Charlies Angels" its like she is a strong woman in her acting and i expect that the holy spirit to be a strong just like her in a way.
For Jesus i would have Johnny Depp, in my opinion I feel he would be great for this role because he is like the only one that is funny and i would expect Jesus to let you be yourself.

ready SET action !


The shack is an amazing book to read and get even closer to God if you please. Mack receives and invitation from God to go and see him in a shack where his daughter Missy was kidnapped. Mack has trouble even accepting this invitation because of the depression of him losing his daughter and being in that shack would break him down. Mack lost hope, thinking he will never believe in God anymore and lost his faith too. He decides to go though, he wants to know that this isn't no joke and wants to see if God is willing to help him. After visiting the shack, everything changed. Mack's like changes when he meets the trinity. God "Papa" Jesus and Sarayu "the Holy Spirit".

deleted scenes

An event that wouldn't make it to the movie would be when Mack starts to get along with the other families in the camp and how they want to find out many things about his past life and who his wife is. I think this part wont make it in my movie because i don't like the fact that they wanted to find out his information. I thought that it wasnt their business and they should have taken it out. It was interesting because i had thought they would have taken missy but I was wrong. I think that, that part of the book was not so important.

Creative LiCense

The only part that I would take out of the story would be all the upset and anger moments that Mack had towards God. It was like he blamed everything on him, yeah I know sometimes people feel like that but I don't think it was right for him to do that. I would like to take this part away because I don't want people to have any aggression towards the trinity, because everything happens for a reason. I would want this aggression to change in the movie with hope and faith. I would want Mack to change his negativity with positivity that God has taken Missy to a better place where she is safe with God. I don't want Mack to have all the pressure on him in the movie, it's not very interesting to see someone upset and blame themselves for a death.

Personal Epiphany

This book had thought me a lot about my faith and hope. I have learned that I shouldn't always blame God for anything because everything happens for a reason in life and it's not his fault. Sometimes it's a reality check for us, hat we can't take advantage of what we have because sooner or later those things will be taken away. I also have learned that I should have faith and hope on many things because that's what is going to bring me closer to God and bring me to have a stronger faith and hope in Him. God is good and he has no intentions to hurt anyone.

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