Music of Success


My definition of success is start living life to the fullest and enjoying it. Start doing what you want to do not what you are told what to do. It takes one opportunity to change anything and everything. You just gotta be brave enough to take them. Give it your all to be successful of what you want.

My life motto is where most dreams are created. Where songs, beats, and, rhymes  are made but not exploited to the world to hear. Most good music dies here cause of their age or too afraid to do something about it. Too afraid to show everyone their true creativity. This picture is a grave yard of dead dreams. "So give it your all".

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.

-"The people of Tomorrowland"

My success of life is music and only way of life. Theirs not a day that goes by when I don't listen to music. My dream is to play my music at Tomorrowland and all over the world. I'm gonna give it my all to the music of success. My life dream will come to a reality I wont nor will i give up on my my dream.

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