The Wolf of Wall Street

Throughout the past years, movie directors have never hesitated to use drugs to catch the movie fan's attention. Lately, on December 25th, the Wolf of Wall Street adaptation of the book came out in the theaters. The following text will talk about the potential side effect of this movie that never had the unanimous support.

The Wolf of Wall Street is an American comedy movie based on the life of Jordan Belfort. Belfort, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, starts is career with a low-level job in some Wall Street firm, but soon enough he is taken under the wing of the company boss, who sees all the potential of his employee. After the firm’s bankruptcy, he decides to start his own business. With his associate and friend Donnie Azoff, he brings his company, named Stratton Oakmont, up through the ranks, hiding to his clients the fact that it is a scam and that they are engage in fraud and corruption. They make millions and millions of dollars each year and they live the rich’s life: living in a mansion, throwing epic parties every weekend, buying an expensive yacht, in fact, having everything they want when they want it. They also do drugs, hard drugs. Basically, the movie can be described in 3 words : money, sex and drugs. Why? Because this is what attracts people attention these days. And this is pathetic. The movie is presented in a way that makes people want to do drugs. Even though the ending shows how drug addiction can ruin a person’s life, all the fun that the characters have during the movie is brought by drugs and Belfort seems to say in the movie that it was all worth it, even if he lost his wife, kids and houses. If you are somehow a little bit naïve or easily influenced, you will associate success, money and fun to drug addiction. Unfortunately, teenagers are the ones watching this movie and they are in a moment of their life when they want to try new things, which makes them vulnerable. They often take movie characters as role models and Belfort and his friends have more fun they anyone could ever have, and this is what teenagers want : to have fun. Thus, there are way too many movies like the Wolf of Wall Street, which has the effect of making drug use commonplace in today’s society. Something must be done about it because drug abuse is a very serious topic.

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