The Natives of the Piedmont

The natives of the Piedmont are around a fire at their camp.

The Catawba Tribe

Catawba means divided or separated. The Catawba Tribe has men as hunters and protect their families and women do most of the work with children and around their house. Catawba houses had wooden frames and bark walls. Catawba  hunters used blow guns to kill birds and small animals and spears or bow and arrows the large game.

The Tuscarora Tribe

The Tuscarora tribe are enemies of the Catawba and the white people. Enemies of the white people because they would not let them hunt in the  European Americans land. They made homes all over the state. White people sold and stole Tuscarora people as slaves.

The Chowanoc Tribe

The word Chowanoc means southern. War broke out after they signed a treaty with the settlers and they will obey the England queen. The Chowanoc tribe were forced to surrender their land to the government and live on a reservation. Their land was getting smaller and smaller every year. Their land shrunk from 12 square miles to 6 square miles. There was only 15 Chowanoc families left at the their land.

The Waxhaw Tribe

The European people were amazed about how large and stature the Waxhaw people were and they were bigger than normal folks. They strapped their children to cradle boards and they tie weights on their children's head. They believe that the added weight would make a child's eyes grow farther apart and they thought it would help the child see animals at a greater distance during a hunt. They had festivals of  Thanksgiving. This tribe, like the Catawba tribe probably came from the west. They think the Waxhaw met Spanish explorers and came north to our neck of the woods to get away from them.

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