CADD Rotation 10

BY Ginny Atkins

Session 1

In session one my partner and I explored careers related to drafting, and we were introduced to the CADD software. We even got to create a model of a race care and construct it. lastly we were introduced to the alphabet of lines

Session 2

In session two my partner and I continued working with the alphabet of lines. We learned about different type of views and lastly we used to CADD software to show different type of views.

Session 3

In session three my partner and I started off by measuring the dimensions of a solid figure. we then created the images using a CADD software. We printed two copy so both of us could have one and then we built another on our own.

Session 4

In session four my partner and I continued working with the alphabet of lines. we then learned about cutting plane lines and section lines. After that we used the CADD software to create a cutaway drawing.

Session 5

In session five my partner and i started off by going into a different software where we would build a house. We added windows and doors to our house after we put in he room and where they would go.

Session 6

In session six my partner and I continued working on our house together. since we already had thee house built and laid out we finished our windows and door then started furnishing and add cabinet and plumbing to the home.

Session 7

In session 7 my partner and i took the post test and then began finishing up our house. we added light fixtures and furniture to make it a more functional house and so we could live in it. (virtually)

careers associated with this module

One example of a career associated with CAD is a designer. These people are the most important in the CAD industry because they do a large portion of the work. According to James Coppinger "CAD designers are,are individuals that are very familiar with the standards and requirements of their particular design field and can be trusted to put together a large portion of any project on their own, with minimal oversight and review needed"

Another career associated with CAD is the drafters. They bother are very important to the cad and both play a big part in CAD however for the drafters mostly the computers have taken over that job. Also according to James Coppinger, "A drafter is an integral part of any design team but they require a great deal of direction and input from management in order to complete tasks."