Unit 3 Culture: Patterns and Processess

Morgan Brown

Social groups- Army and wealthy, Gorillas, U.S.A., Government, Peasants

The bold is the group I'm in.

The power shifted because people like the person in the group and didn't like the other people so that is why and there was a lot of deals made.

The army and wealthy stared with 200 MSUS. and ended of the elecshon we had 160 MSUS

Then the USA silenced the gorillas president Troy. then we made a treaty withy the USA. After that we made one with the Gorillas and they brock it the next month. The attacked us for 3 months and we attacked them on the third month to show peace but then when we attacked them we got all are MSUS back they took.

The next month we had 150 MSUS

They jus

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