By: Karly Thomas

Definition: A ratio  is a statement of how two numbers compare. It is a comparison of the size of one number to the size of another number.

3 Different ways to write a ratio; 4/8, 4:8, or 4 to 8


Simplifying Ratios
A ratios can be simplified by dividing both sides of the ratios by the Highest Common Factor. The highest common factor is the largest number that goes into both numbers of your ratios.
To simplify you multiply or divided the top  and the bottom by the same number.

Simplify: 1:2

Simplify: 75:100


simplify: 3:4

Simplify: 500:1000

Ratio Word Problem
1) One out of every ten people our left handed, if there our seventy people in the group. Write the ratio of this problem below!

The End!

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