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The Great Depression

The Great Depression was an economic fall in North America . The Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1939. It was the longest and the most critical depression ever occurred by the industrialized in the Western world. The Great Depression started soon after the stock market striked a devastation in October 1929. By 1933 more than 13 million were unemployed and almost all banks failed.

Collages in the 1930's

tuition: 10,000

Stan's apology letter

Dear  Mr.Stroheim

I am so sorry for my action , my father always told me to stand for someone no matter the good or the bad. I really need this job because my family and I are in desperate needs right now. My father just lost one of his jobs, he works 2 jobs to support our family.  Without this job we will more than we will lose our house because of this incident and if i keep this job we will do just fine Mr.Stroheim.

My family has 7 people . My father lost his doing to business relation. And i really need this job for the family If you give me back my job I promise I will work harder than ever before. I am a good worker who can work for a long period of time for the family .

I really need this job to help my father support the whole family. What if my father gets hurt i cant work I need to work because im next in line to support the family. His family more needs more money because his family can barely make it. Mr. Stroheim I need this potion back for Mr and my family .


1) A Farewell to Arms

2) show in 1929. 30 $ for admission.fact-

As the autobiographical nature of the work suggests, Hemingway’s apparent attitude toward the story is identical to that of the narrator.


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