The Crusade
(Muslim Perspective)

By: Irad Martin
History Q7

On the eve of the Crusades, two or three dominant powers in the Mediterranean were Muslims. In a time the Arabian peninsula, The fertile Crescent and much of Asia. When the Crusaders arrived 1095, the Muslims did not see it as a war until Nur al-Din  said it in the second crusade, and at the third Crusade Salah al-Din. According to google a crusade means a medieval military expedition. The Europeans went on a Crusade to try to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the  11th, 12th, and 13th centuries. A man who was a christian feared that the Muslims were going to conquer his land (Muslims conquered Jerusalem). One day that man Alexius I of constantinople (which is now Turkey) declared a war against the Muslims so the can regain Jerusalem for all the christians. Those who volunteered to go fight the Muslims cut out red crosses and sewed them on their armor like in the picture above. The European people wanted to conquer Jerusalem because they wanted to be Christians, and also because of what they have done to Jesus. The Muslims defended and protected Jerusalem to keep christianity. The effects on the Muslims on the Crusade were that many of their people were killed by the Europeans (I think) . The Muslims were fighting the Europeans for many days, the Christians were worn down, during this time it seemed that God had charge over the city. The inhabitants of Jerusalem fought courageously the attackers for a week, while the enemy settled down on the opposite Tower of David. According to Muslims Jerusalem was important because they did all their prayers to God. My point of the view of the Muslims is that we needed to protect the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the attacking Europeans. The affects on my group was the Europeans brought destruction to us and we lost a lot of our people, we also lost wealth on churches and other stuff. That is basically all  the information I got of the Crusades.

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