Weather and Climate

By:GraceAnn Bowman

Definition of weather and climate

Weather - the  temperature in the certain place and in the current time.

Climate - the temperature over a long period of time.

Factors of Weather and Climate -

The sun, water, air, nature, and clouds.

Differences between weather and climate -

Weather is when you go outside in the morning, and it cold, or 35 degrees. Then if you go outside in the after noon, it's around 60 degrees.

Climate is where if you look up "Waco temperatures in winter" you might find something like "the average temperatures in Waco for the winter is around -5 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, our news team has been tracking the temperatures for around 5 years now"

The sames of weather and climate

They both involve temperature. I guess you could say there is no weather without climate, because climate tells average over time and weather tells now. If you look at the sun in spring and see there are clouds over it you might say "it's going to rain" and that is climate, weather is you go in and LOOK at the NEWS and see that is going to rain, and it going to be -5 degrees. They are same, in many ways.

Summary -

Weather is the temperature right now, climate is temperature over time. Weather and climate are the same and different a lot of ways.

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