Stop bullying

How would you feel if you were Bullied!


         Today bullies are even meaner than last year.Bullies do not understand any meaning of peace.They think it's okay to hurt others just because they are angry or have problems with life.Please stop this.It does not need to get any worse.The more it continues the more deaths happen to kids.These death can be caused by using mean words or just say "You should die you idiot."

                                               Bullying Can Happen Any Where!

        Bullying can happen on the internet.This is called cyber bullying.Cyber bullying happens on the internet.This gives a bully a chance to say mean things,knowing your passwords and using it to steal from you.

                                                  Way's To Deal With This!

          If a bullies treating you wrong tell an adult nearby or a teacher.You might even have to tell a parent.If you get a message from a cyber bully,you can either erase it or save the message and show it to a teacher.

                                                    A message to a Bully!

              Hey! Instead of becoming a bully be friendly.That's the only way to have friends.No ones going to like you for being something your not but for who you are!

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