Curley's wife

attention-seeking, lonely, desperate

All I wanted was...

someone who loves me

a life of fame

someone to talk to

to be a movie star

someone to pay attention to me

But I didn't want...

to live on a farm

to be ignored

a husband that doesn't care

to be killed

Lennie to also be killed

Character Development:

Her mom wouldn't let her pursue her dreams of becoming a movie star because she was only 15 at the time.

Curley gets mad if she talks to anyone besides him, so she gets lonely.

Curley's wife never really wanted to be married to Curley.


Character Interactions:

Curley's wife acts gentle and kind towards Lennie and confides in him.

Towards Slim, she is flirty and wants to be with him.

Curley's wife is cruel towards Crooks and threatens him.

These character interactions show that she judges others based on their looks and is racist.

Affecting the Plot:

Near the very end of the book, Curley's wife affects the plot greatly through one of her interactions with Lennie. By talking to him and not leaving him alone, he got angry and accidentally killed her. This also caused George to have to shoot his best friend, Lennie, for his mistake. Many of the men, such as Slim, were devastated over her death, while some might have been relieved.

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