"Historical Figure Facebook Project"

Abigail Adams
By: Angela Lin
Computer Science Class
Crossroad@Meade (Philadelphia,PA)

History Of Abigail Adams Unfolds

Abigail Adams was born on November 11, 1744 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, by Elizabeth Quincy Smith and Reverend William Smith. During her childhood, she loved to read. Like most girls of her time, they didn't receive formal education. So her father and grandfather educated her at home instead. For a person who loved to read like her, she eventually take advantage of her father's library. Which she visited very often. Her mother and grandmother taught her social graces and homemaking.

She was married to John Adams on October 25, 1764, who was the 2nd president of United State and mother of John Quincy Adams the 6th president of United State. During Abigail's life her husband, John, had to leave home and attended the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, this lasted for a long period of time. So Abigail had to stay home to educate and took care of the kids all by herself. During John's absences Abigail managed to wrote letters to him and filled him up with details of what is happening at home. Life without John is not easy, especially when there is a Revolutionary War near the steps of their home. But she managed to keep the kids safe. Also, Abigail and John were the first residents of the White House.

The reason why I chose Abigail Adams is because I want to learn more about her life when things get difficult. Also I want to learn about how things were in her time. What I learned about Abigail Adams is she is very brave and love to read. In her life her husband John had to leave home for a long period of time, which left only her to took care of the kids.


Video Of Abigail Adams